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About PWI Inc.Hello, and welcome to the new and growing site of PWI, Inc. Since the company's inception in the late forties, PWI has been on the cutting edge of technology and this site is the next logical step in our effort to remain so. Just as this website is growing, so is the company behind it. In early 2003, PWI added two branches; one in Eastern Pennsylvania and another in Northwest Maryland.
The force driving this growth is an ever expanding customer base due to our commitment to customer satisfaction through service excellence.
After the Iron Horse replaced the Hay Burner as the primary source of personal transportation, there arose a need to store the ever increasing inventory of gasoline necessary to satisfy the rapidly expanding market. Underground Storage Tanks became the preferred choice and that is where we fit into the picture. PWI. got an early start in the field in 1948 serving the Petroleum Marketing Industry with the installation of UST's and the construction of Bulk Fuel Oil facilities, Truck Stops and Service Stations. Things were a lot simpler then, but as times change so does environmental policy and technology. Tank installation has evolved into a highly specialized industry.
There is much more involved now than just burying a fuel tank underground. Tanks, product lines and ground water, to name just a few, have to be monitored to maintain compliance with federal and local regulations placing a tremendous burden on installers and distributors to stay ahead of the evolving technology. You might recall a day when someone filled your tank, cleaned your windows, checked the oil and kept the money in his pocket. Now you can pay at the pump with cash,debit or credit card, or pay inside where the same computer that controls the pump is the cash register and credit card machine rolled into one. And let us not forget that a facilities' home office can "dial in" to the store to track inventory, change prices, check gas tank levels and much more. As I mentioned earlier, PWI has been on top of of the latest technological advances and will continue the tradition with internet access to our Design, Installation, Sales and Service Departments through our website.
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